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released March 16, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


REP Virginia

Grew up in Maryland and started on the journey of knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord at an early age. Writing, music, and media were always loves.
Have been through a journey of following Christ and learning that in my weaknesses, He is strong. My aim is to be real. My life is an open book of God's love and grace and to show the greatest truth you'll ever know...Jesus loves you -REP Matt 5:16
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Track Name: REP ; Infinite Automatik - 323 ft. REP EM and Infinite Automatik
Two feet down. One Hand to the sky.
Wearing my Colossians 3:23
They told me whatever I do it all for the King
They told me leave it all out. Nothing left.
Stand firm grinding hard till my last breath.

Have you ever given all that you had till you can’t breathe in weezing
seeing color fade to black seizing Leave him
screaming lungs rib crack feeling so lame that you wanna fall no third season
Have you ever seen the light at the end. Standing in the middle where your sight could begin.
Hearing crowds chanting. Are they cheers. But I got focus on the fight till the end.
Dust to the wind. Tell ‘em I been there time and again.
knees crack the ground pray till silence is sin.
Never give up, but only to Him.
Nothing about me says he’s gonna win.
weight whipping down on your back like
Feel you’re running outta gas on green light.
You ain’t gotta do own you own two feet down
one hand reach up. Hold tight like handcuffs.
I’ve been beaten to the dust for real. But my bruises fade away. And the cuts will heal.
I got a friend who can pay for the doctor’s bill. It’s all good cause His father owns the hospital.
So, whatever comes against me, I’ll keep it simple and plain. My gun’s cocked from the heavens. I’ma keep my aim.
Take me to the battle, I’ma go dark on em.
Call me ironman. Ima go stark on em
His plan don’t tank I’ma go shark on em
Say flame on Ima go spark on em.

Infinite Auto----
Im yelling 323 out in the gap thats were i stand firm , to me this ministry is more than rap , although i can burn. GOD has proven to me that an x criminal can turn , and got me out there shinning in the dark just like a lan-tern.. i light it up boyyy like propane or that map gas , and im here to carry the christian rap game on my back like the mythical ATLAS, cause finally i mean at last , he saved my life from a wack past , of drugs,sex, and that fast cash. With a crack stash , WHO GOT BACKSTABBED! and then my life crashed maaaaaaan. I was dug deep in a periless hole , i was surrounded by devilish souls , outta control to the world that we know. I needed to change my behavior, need a new road , needed direction to go. I needed a SAVIOR before i explode. So maybe my heart wont start to corride... (cheaaaa) im really blessed with his GRACE , and finally got his MERCY, HIS INTERVENING GAVE ME MEANING THREW MY CONTRAVERCY ,im drinking from his well , no longer acting covered by the blood ,SO NO WEAPON FORMED SHALL EVER HURT ME.....
Track Name: GraceFall
And even though it seems like you got it all
Remember after summer life there’s always a fall
I know it feels like you are falling down
Like changing leaves heading to the ground
But you can let grace fall, it’ll be grace fall

Sat down in the midst of the perfection that I used be living.
Heard grace knocking she could never get in.
She shivered on porch while the people inside
Sang songs in her honor, but didn’t know what she was like
Had the fire burning bright marshmallows with the cocoa
We never knew the night. And they called us the hopeful
Don’t know how you can really be hopeful if you’ve never been hopeless
Like how can you know strength when you’ve never had a weakness.
Outside of our perfection grace had a little box.
Lived in it with the beggar who couldn’t find a job.
And she nodded to the prostitute who had her head in Dodge
Talking to a ex husband with a wedding band on.
We never invited her in
cause grace on the outside looked like sin
Too good for the least when your more like men
And less like him.
I guess you can call it summer. Had about everything that I wanted.
People looking at me and saying that I something.
I had slain my ten thousands while others only had hundreds.
High off my own success in Christ spiritually I was blunted.
Went from that to a hotel room looking over the city.
Friends that I used to have were gone. Hoping that God was with me.
People that used to be in my corner always tryna to uplift me.
Now saw that I was imperfect now tryna to forget me.
Fell back on my bed. Like a leaf things changed like a season
When the sun used to shine something’s strange for a reason.
If a sin makes me fall short of God am I demon
to the angels that I place on the walls when I’m dreaming.
When the summer changes to the autumn do you notice.
Put a jacket on because it’s get s a little colder.
What was living turns a little dead, but looks pretty while it does.
That was how my life was.

Funny how the people like you better when you’re faking to be perfect
But when you’re perfectly honest about your imperfections you ain’t worth it.
Sat on the sidewalk homeless from the people I used to do church with.
They sing songs about Grace and she’s never even heard it.
Saw grace upon the street and she covered me with her blanket.
She saw me eye her food and she told me that I could take it.
She let me have her box and she said she would help me make it.
And I asked her why she bothered with me when I was forsaken.
I heard grace say that she grew up around the weak
And the broken were the people that she desired to seek
And the fallen were her students in classes that she could teach
And that she rarely thrived in churches, but flourished upon the streets.
One Mary Magdalene over all of the Pharisees
A fall from the summer is not a seasonal heresy.
When we fall Grace jumps catching off this balance beam
And I fell, but I’m so glad she came for me.
Track Name: Spring
Stick my hands in the sink I wash my hands
rinse away all of yesterday's grimes and then I stand
look at palms all of the lifeline and if I could really read them
They'd prolly tell a journey of blood sweat and tears. But not mine
Well, maybe they show a journey of fears over time
Not how I conquered them but how I let them dine.
Like hey come over for dinner. Maybe stay a while.
Before you know it got with my fears and we made a child.
Call Him lack of faith. So yeah, I guess I am father.
But I'm tryna teach what's birthed from me to seek a little harder.
Cause things of faith are only seen when you can walk on water.
And we all can...guess only Peter's gotten the memo.
And my heart beats with the tempo.
Of a thousands songs sung from these lives from history's eyes.
They all say. Life's full of storm clouds and sun rays.
So run out in the midst of them. Live out without roll play.

I love to see the sunshine with the falling rain.
I love to see the smile in the midst of all the pain.
I love to hear the laughter it bring new life again.
I love to see you have to bring when you bring Spring.

I love to laugh like I'm in Mary Poppins.
But all is not practically perfect in every single way.
I realize that I can still put a smile upon a pair of lips
If I kiss them with hope every single day.
None of us are doctors if love is truly the cure
We can try to love the world but our love isnt pure.
Do all the good you can but trust me I know this for sure.
You'll always fail because your heart is deceitful
I read it under the steeple but I see it etched in our lives
You say how do we get past cheating and lies.
How do we look at the murder and stealing.
Kids come from school with bloody noses and hurt feelings.
How do you laugh when the world's dying?
Well, my brother, we all dying, but but death does not negate
that we all gotta keep striving. All gotta keep praying.
All gotta keep our eyes to the sky. Sun shine when it keeps raining.

I dry my hands and stare out the window.
Rain falling on the city streets.
Sun shining from the sky high.
Crying from fits of laughter in the heavenlies.
Maybe I choose to look at life a little different now
Used to think that only happiness was a real friend.
But happy never stays long...nah
it's joy that never has an end.
I asked her why she smiles all the time. She shrugged.
Said she smiles to show the world that's she loved.
Because she's loved, then she'll give love.
Just a little girl but flies with wings like a dove.
I guess now you can call her my role model.
Asked her to teach me how let out of the bottle.
She says the key is to love no matter what the rains bring.
I asked the girl her name. Her name's Spring.
Track Name: God of the Streets ft. REP
They say there’s no hope
for the crack phien or the street ho
homeless man sitting on the corner
college kid scoring marijuana
Preacher man standing in the pulpit
Looking down at the pews where the church sit
They singing to the God of the seats.
When we really need a God of the streets.

I saw Jesus just the other day.
Picking up a paycheck. Heading to the bank.
Dark suit on. Starch on his shirt.
Put some quarters in meter . Started walking to the church.
Threw a dollar at beard, a frown at broad, and cussed at meth head.
Then went to the church, said a prayer with the people and watched God’s Not Dead.
I feel like Tupac and Elvis are more alive than he is.
When kids know lyrics better than what Christ said.
Except gay who only will see Christ’s middle finger
pointed at them. Don’t see Christ’s blood but they see red.
Church Daddy got four Bibles, but he barely use one.
Daddy on the street? Four kids never see ‘em.
We got epidemic and the doctors got the cure
But we locked up in the hospitals tryna stay pure.

Saw Jesus just the other day.
Begging for some bread in front of the bank.
Trench coat on. Pants a little torn.
Eyes searching for someone to help him stay warm
But they don’t wanna look in his eyes
if they see he’s dying they might feel a little guilty
If they walk on the other side, they can keep a little pride
by not dealing with the filthy
And people cuss Christ cause of Christians.
And Christians cuss Christ cause of people.
Mad cause Judas kissed Christ on the cheek
But we kiss him every day when ignore Him on the Street.
And there some perfect pew sitters hell-bound.
Some Saints sitting on the front step.
God doesn’t live in your church
See Him in the least of the ones that tend to forget.

And homie know Mary J better than Mary mother of Jesus.
We got Mary K confused with the Magdalene that needs us.
There is no merry way or merry Christmas for street sleepers.
Give us hearts like you, God, then we can be Believers.
Help me not to preach to those I won’t pray for.
Truth without love a team You don’t for.
I might not have the funds to help pay for.
But you can make a feast outta some toast and some fishes.
And we can teach John 3:16
And we speak words in the three sixteens.
But if you don’t see the hurt on 16th street.
You don’t really know what that verse really means.
I see a bunch of people need Jesus.
Real Jesus taking off the suit and tie.
Real Jesus putting on a thorn crown.
Real Jesus died for the street life.